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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/21/2020 - 6/27/2020

How Coronavirus is Shifting Strategies for Parking Garages

These are challenging times for everyone.

Read This » For Pandemic Response, Plan Long-Term

Underneath my college campus was a labyrinth of tunnels.

Read This » Assessment Lays Groundwork for Successful Roof Replacement

Well before a roof-replacement project can begin, maintenance and engineering managers need to lay the groundwork by conducting a series of processes that are designed to produce a successful project that delivers long-term benefits to the facility and the organization.

Read This » Mower Specification: Understanding Equipment Options

A mower is only useful if it is running properly.

Read This » How to Prepare Facilities and Staff for Reopening

It is an incredible time that we are living in now during the COVID-19 pandemic around the world.

Read This » Health and Wellness Will Be the New Normal of Office Buildings

Will this place make me sick? That’ll be the question on the minds of anxious occupants as they begin returning to offices.

Read This » MEWPs: Myths, Misconceptions, Misinformation

Despite the efforts of standards organizations and manufacturers to emphasize the importance of training and clarify the requirements, many managers still make decisions based on misinformation.

Read This » Warranty and Installation Issues for Roof Replacements

Contractors typically offer several different types of roof warranties.

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