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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/5/2022 - 6/11/2022

How Early Occupant Engagement Leads to More Suitable Spaces

wo years after the COVID-19 virus began spreading globally, occupation of commercial office space has been reduced by many tenants in favor of remote and flexible work options.

Read This » LAX Upgrades Indoor Air Quality with Ultraviolet Light

ew technologies have received as much attention and scrutiny during the COVID-19 pandemic as ultraviolet (UV) light.

Read This » How to Maximize Infrared Thermography for Top Facility Performance

hen it comes to the use of infrared inspection, commercial and institutional facilities generally do not differ significantly from industrial facilities.

Read This » Which Portable Cooling Unit Is Right for Your Facilities?

any institutional and commercial facilities rely on portable cooling units to supplement and, in an emergency, fill in for central HVAC systems.

Read This » Peloton Puts Health of Employees First at New Headquarters

uilding occupants were already seeking to improve the workplace experience before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Read This » Smart Bathrooms Gain Traction Post-COVID

he post-COVID-19 pandemic new normal, which is yet to be fully realized, will undoubtedly include the rapid growth of smart restrooms in institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » How to Build a Successful Drain Cleaning Program

aintenance and engineering managers know that drain cleaning is a messy but essential part of operations in institutional and commercial facilities.

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