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Facilities Management articles for the week of 6/9/2019 - 6/15/2019

3 Roadblocks to Getting to Smart Buildings

No road worth traveling is without roadblocks that can hinder success.

Read This » Strategies and Tactics For Successful Data Center Upgrades

Data centers are becoming increasingly important elements in the core mission of institutional and commercial facilities of all types and sizes.

Read This » Infrared Imaging Comes of Age

Infrared imaging has become a valuable tool for maintenance and engineering departments.

Read This » Real-World Success Story: Implementing Flexibility in Workplace Design

Flexible design is possible even in the most unconventional of spaces.

Read This » What Do You Want? How Listening to Occupants Yields Success

Part of the reason for Walinski’s success with open office is that he’s a terrific listener and notices things others may miss.

Read This » Energy Star for Tenants Leads to Huge Efficiency

A few years ago, Congress passed the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015, under which commercial building tenants that met design criteria set by EPA were to be eligible for recognition.

Read This » Tools Evolve to Meet Users’ Growing Demands

Power tools are mainstays of many maintenance and engineering departments because of their versatility and durability.

Read This » Maximizing the Investment of Utility Vehicles

For years, utility vehicles were associated more with outdoor recreation than with work.

Read This » How to Collaborate with IT in Healthcare Facilities

With all the digital health practices now entering healthcare environments, says Jeff Hankin, senior principal, buildings health sector U.S.

Read This » Overcoming Opposition to the Open Office Plan

One of the most difficult parts of transitioning occupants to open space is overcoming their preconceived notions, says Walinski.

Read This » Avoiding Flooring Hazards and Complying with OSHA

Maintenance and engineering managers place a high priority on regulatory compliance and worker safety.

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