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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/12/2020 - 7/18/2020

Racing the Surge: Healthcare Organization Ramped Up Pandemic Preparedness

"Stay home, stay safe" became one of the mottos of the coronavirus pandemic response.

Read This » Technology Drives New Best Practices in Elevator Maintenance

Today, facility managers have a new factor to consider as they evaluate ways to ensure good elevator performance: B-IoT technology is beginning to transform elevator maintenance. “This is the next generation, fed by data, and is the next seismic shift in our industry.

Read This » School District Juggles Construction Projects During the Pandemic

California was the first state to issue shelter-in-place orders, which went into effect on Friday, March 13.

Read This » Keep ADA Top of Mind as Buildings Are Adjusted for COVID-19

We will look back to this time in awe at how quickly we have changed our lives, habits, and facilities.

Read This » How to Improve Acoustics in an Open Office

To ensure an optimal level of both speech privacy and speech intelligibility in work environments, facility managers need to stay on top of how acoustical products are being refined by the sound-management industry.

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