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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/19/2020 - 7/25/2020

Pandemic Recovery Planning: A 10-Step Process

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact, unlike most disasters.

Read This » Healthcare FMs Challenged with Unified Response for Facilities Nationwide

One aspect that has emerged from the pandemic is that, while it affects every part of the country, it is doing so slightly differently from area to area and local authority response has been equally varied.

Read This » The Hidden Threat of Corrosion in Water-Based Fire Sprinkler Systems

Corrosion-related issues with water-based suppression systems are not a new problem.

Read This » Ceilings Selection Plays Crucial Role in Office Acoustical Environment

Ceiling materials are an important factor in creating an optimal acoustical environment.

Read This » How FMs Helped Make McCormick Place Chicago's Alternate Care Site

When the City of Chicago needed to create additional capacity for providing healthcare services to COVID-19 patients, McCormick Place Convention Center was selected as the location of the alternate care site (ACS).

Read This » 4 Coronavirus Strategies Facilities Managers Should Be Doing Now

(Click here for all of FacilitiesNet's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.) The global coronavirus pandemic has already dramatically disrupted global businesses.

Read This » What Role Do FMs Have in Teaching Students about Healthy Practices?

Emphasizing handwashing, using personal protective equipment like face coverings in the right way, and social distancing will still be crucial elements of a health and safety plan as students return to school.

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