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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/21/2019 - 7/27/2019

Understanding the Roof Consultant's Role in Roofing Selection

As roofs become more and more complex and technically intricate, the days of picking and choosing from multiple manufacturers and untested assemblies is really at its end.

Read This » Active Shooters: The Role of Door Hardware

Active shooters were nearly unheard of as a threat to facilities at one time, but that time has passed.

Read This » Smart Buildings: Why the Latest Tech is Critical on Campus

Each year, the higher education application process has become more competitive than the last.

Read This » Testing and ISO Standards Play Role in Utility Incentive Programs

Evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) programs, while not new, are also changing.

Read This » Mobile Technology Offers Efficiency for FMs

Possibly the most significant advance, in terms of its impact on facility staff, is the shift from paper and pagers to handheld tablets and smartphones.

Read This » Regular Inspections and Testing Keep Fire Sprinklers Working Properly

It’s also critical to inspect beyond the sprinkler heads.

Read This » 3 Key Artificial Intelligence Benefits for FM

AI can help with a variety of challenges that facility managers may have with data-driven building management: 1.

Read This » 5 Questions to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Germicidal Lighting

Question 1: What is the potential for the development of blue light resistant bacteria, particularly if such luminaires were to become widespread – essentially disinfecting the majority of the built environments they’re installed in for large portions of the day? There seems to be general consensus that the way blue light impacts bacteria decreases the likelihood of developing resistance or tolerance to blue light compared to antibiotics.

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