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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/28/2019 - 8/3/2019

Use an Inclusive Approach to Build the Facilities Management Team

I first heard about “inclusion” when my son with Down syndrome started going to school.

Read This » How to Fit Campus Facilities into the Community

Many universities reside within “college towns,” and these institutions have become an integral part of both the social and economic fabric of these communities.  The “town and gown” relationship between a university and its surrounding community is an important one that can greatly benefit both parties — but like any important relationship, it can be difficult to navigate.

Read This » Special Attention Required for Fire Doors and Door Hardware Selection

Fire doors require special attention.

Read This » How To Do Needs Assessment For Door and Door Hardware Selection

It is critical that facility managers make certain that the right type of door and hardware are installed for each application.

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Read This » How To Do Asset Management for Doors and Door Hardware

Doors and their associated hardware require more maintenance time and effort than almost any other building component.

Read This » How New Buildings Maximize Energy Savings

New ground-up building construction offers opportunities to maximize energy savings and sustainability.

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