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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/29/2018 - 8/4/2018

A Look at Possible Future Mass Notification Capabilities

Progress is definitely being made — but it prompts the question: What’s next? Here are some possibilities: • Context-aware solutions.

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Read This » Emergency Preparedness: Flood Study Offers Warnings

The disastrous series of major hurricanes that hit last year — Harvey, Irma, and Maria — gave facility managers good reason to revisit their emergency response plans, with a particular eye on preparations for floods.

Read This » Team Player: How One FM Gets IT and Facilities Management to Collaborate

The life of a data center facility manager can offer plenty of reasons to complain.

Read This » 3 Strategies for Green Product Selection in Healthcare Facilities

At a green building conference a few years ago, Dr.

Read This » Boilers: An Energy-Saving Option for Heating Water?

An energy-saving replacement for these traditional tanks has been gaining traction in the last decade and is worth looking at.

Read This » How To Do Effective Fire Standpipe Testing

ITM standards require standpipe system performance testing at five-year intervals.

Read This » Domestic Hot Water System: Choose Wisely

Choosing domestic hot water heating equipment for a new facility has to start with a careful analysis of the usage patterns and degree of reliability required.

Read This » Effective Fire Sprinkler Inspection: What You Need To Know

Inspecting the condition of the inside of fire sprinkler piping requires system impairment and destructive measures, and a full inspection of automatic fire sprinkler systems at the required intervals is often neglected for this very reason.

Read This » Advances in Technology Drive Domestic Hot Water Choices

There are some interesting developments trending in domestic hot water technology, with some of them gaining ground rapidly.

Read This » Boilers: Understand the Full Picture on Energy Savings

When it comes to boilers, the current choice for lowest operating costs continue to be gas-fired condensing units operating at system water temperatures that promote flue gas condensation (maximum 140 F supply to the building and 120 F return to the boiler).

Read This » Systems Integration is Key for Emergency Communications

Emergency communications systems have traditionally been installed as standalone systems with basic integration requirements (e.g., door hardware magnetic hold-open release upon fire alarm notification).

Read This » Benchmarking, Occupant Feedback: Keys to Existing Building Sustainability

Existing buildings also present opportunities for implementing sustainability measures.

Read This » Third-Party Generator Ownership: What You Need To Know

Many hospital emergency generators are approaching the end of their life cycle.

Read This » Cities and States Leading on Sustainability

Without federal mandates, cities and states are taking the initiative to address clean energy and sustainability through progressive building codes.

Read This » Overcoming Portable Cooling Obstacles

With all of these factors to consider in specifying the most effective portable cooling unit to effectively cool a space, some things are bound to get overlooked.

Read This » Focus on Discretionary Effort Can Boost Teamwork

Facility management organizations not only face increased demands for services with little if any increase in budgets, but they face the added dilemma of how to increase employee engagement and collaboration to improve problem solving and provide superior customer service.

Read This » Facilities Management and the Art of Persuasion

While Smith’s job requires mechanical aptitude and a lot of engineering expertise, soft skills are also important for someone at his level, since he often must persuade a variety of stakeholders to adhere to his specifications and scheduling.

Read This » Metering Resources for Facility Managers

Private services offer ways to access utility meter data in near real-time or install and monitor customer-owned (or leased) equipment.

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