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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/31/2022 - 8/6/2022

Why Facilities Need to Prioritize Safety Preparedness

ith the news of yet another tragic mass shooting, I was recently asked if I thought my small community of 10,000 residents was any safer a place to raise my family than a bigger city.

Read This » How One Vanderbilt Raised IAQ Standards

ne of the tallest skyscrapers, as part of one of the world’s most iconic skylines, opened for business during the COVID-19 pandemic with a high level of uncertainty surrounding what comes next.  When One Vanderbilt, the second-tallest office tower in New York City, unlocked its doors in East Midtown Manhattan in September 2020, it was during a stage of the pandemic when many employees were working from home as questions persisted about when they would return to the office.  Two years later, employees are finding their way back to the office.

Read This » Joe Kloeker is the Ultimate Team Player

then 21-year-old Joe Kloeker, the maintenance foreman at Eveready Battery Co./Union Carbide Corp., had a daunting task: give a colleague in the maintenance department, who had been with the company longer than Kloeker had been alive, his first job performance appraisal.

Read This » Software Builds Base for Facility Efficiency 

rom BIM and IoT to AI and VR, technological advances designed to improve efficiency, sustainability and reliability have swept over institutional and commercial facilities in recent years.

Read This » How to Be Proactive in Solving Staff Shortages

The pandemic did a number on staffing and skilled labor for many FM organizations.

Read This » What You Need to Know About Building Performance Standards

or the last decade, benchmarking ordinances have been all the rage as one of the best tools to get existing buildings to reduce energy use.

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