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Facilities Management articles for the week of 7/7/2019 - 7/13/2019

Fog and Edge Computing Complement Cloud Storage

The ever-changing technology landscape is greatly impacting data center operations and facility management worldwide.

Read This » How to Include Energy Efficiency in Roofing Selection

The next leap towards system design came with the realization that buildings account for about 40 percent of all the energy consumption in the United States.

Read This » Take Advantage of HVAC Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

For facility managers looking to improve HVAC energy efficiency in existing buildings, timing is important.

Read This » Lighting is the Best Place to Start for Energy Efficiency

One of the challenges facility managers face is finding ways to successfully implement energy efficient strategies within a fully operational occupied building.

Read This » Germicidal Ambient Lighting Has Potential But Caution Is Warranted

The use of UV light (between a wavelength of 10nm and 400nm) in HVAC systems at the cooling coils, drain pans, etc., to prevent the growth of mold and harmful bacteria is common practice.

Read This » Understand the BAS's Role in Facilities Management

The facility management industry has seen significant gains occurring in technology in the past few decades.

Read This » Understanding New Utility Incentive Programs for Energy Efficiency

At one time, the incentive programs launched by utility companies often centered around rebates for purchases of energy-saving equipment.

Read This » How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Facilities Management

Artificial intelligence, or simply AI, is the new business buzzword.

Read This » How System Design Affects Fire Sprinkler Functionality

One key to an effective fire sprinkler is its design.

Read This » Building Design with Maintenance in Mind

New construction generally is not among the top priorities for maintenance and engineering managers.

Read This » Cooling Data Centers in a Crisis

Planning upgrades to data centers is complex and potentially costly, give the big-ticket products that go into such projects and the long-term implications of their success or failure.

Read This » Go Green! Why Universities Are Prizing Sustainability

Colleges and universities have undergone a notable paradigm shift in the way they approach campus design.

Read This » How to Make Sure Fire Sprinklers Remain Functional

If fire suppression systems don’t operate when they should, both lives and property are put at risk.

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