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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/11/2019 - 8/17/2019

How to Get Good Acoustics from Floor to Ceiling

Many office spaces are unintentionally terrible acoustical performers.

Read This » Lifts: New Heights for Maintenance

Mobile elevating work platforms give front-line maintenance and engineering technicians access to hard-to-reach areas of institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » New-Generation Drain Cleaning Tools

Institutional and commercial facilities cannot run efficiently and safely without efficient, reliable plumbing and piping systems, and maintenance and engineering departments can only ensure these systems perform as intended with effective drain-cleaning equipment. Successful specification of new-generation drain-cleaning equipment involves understanding key features and functions, as well as intended applications.

Read This » For Data Centers, Design with Construction Safety in Mind

How can data centers be built more efficiently while still promoting the safety of every worker? Designing with safety in mind is the first step.

Read This » Cure for the Cold: 4 Energy-Saving Tips for Buildings in Cold Climates

In cold climates, significant energy is used to heat buildings during the coldest times of the year — when buildings are most heavily used — providing a separate set of challenges. As a generalization, cold-climate design means that the building is typically in heating mode.

Read This » 6 Steps to a Successful Software Rollout

When facility management departments look to improve the services they provide to their institutional and commercial facilities, communicate better with their customers and demonstrate measurable performance results, they often turn to software as one means to achieve those goals.

Read This » Best Practices for Implementing Facilities Technology

Implementations are very system- and customer-specific; there is no simple template that can be applied.

Read This » Roofing Upgrades: Beyond System Selection