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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/13/2023 - 8/19/2023

Understanding Load Management Systems for EV Charging Infrastructure

s the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) continues to accelerate, facility owners, managers, and engineers are tasked with providing solutions to accommodate more EV chargers.

Read This » Enhance Energy Performance with Metal Roofing

nergy performance is also a hot topic these days, and rightfully so.

Read This » Forming a Floor Plan for Institutional and Commercial Facilities

lanning a flooring project at an institutional or commercial facility involves more than ensuring that the floors are easy-to-clean and safe for building occupants.   Facility managers must consider a variety of factors such as cost, design trends and sustainability as well as factoring in disposing of the old product, installing the new one and establishing a maintenance strategy.  Managers need a well-vetted flooring plan that fits the needs of a variety of spaces from both design and performance standpoints.

Read This » Safety First with Lift Equipment

obile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are workhorses for many institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » From IAQ to Energy Efficiency: HVAC Upgrades Post-Pandemic

any managers revisited and upgraded their HVAC operations to meet the evolving challenges presented by the pandemic while keeping in mind the impact of the changes on energy efficiency.

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