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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/19/2018 - 8/25/2018

3 Steps to Implementing a CMMS

Updating to an automated inventory management system is not as simple as buying the right software.

Read This » Specifying the Proper Paints and Coatings

Once managers have had a site survey conducted, understand the kind of substrate that needs to be covered, and have determined and addressed risks for premature failures, they can begin the specification process for the paint or coating.

Read This » How To Manage Emergency Power in Healthcare Facilities

Managing emergency power supply systems creates unique challenges for healthcare facility managers.

Read This » Tough Data Center Decisions: Colocation or Cloud?

Many companies these days are making the very difficult decision to move data center operations off site to the cloud or a colocation facility.

Read This » Understanding LED Advances and Applications

The next step in planning a lighting system upgrade is to consider the potential applications of the advances made in LED technology.

Read This » Addressing the Maintenance and Engineering Knowledge Gap

Maintenance and engineering managers face a knowledge gap among their technicians, and the gap is growing.

Read This » How To Make Good Use of Smart Meter Data

Sophisticated users presently employ smart meter data to: • Pinpoint sources of excess usage, peak demand, and low power factor. • Improve/correct scheduling of operations and systems. • Monitor utility voltage drops to prep for possible price spikes and outages. • Schedule elective loads, such as charging of fork lifts and electric vehicles. • Optimize sizing, design, and management of on-site power generation, thermal or power storage, free cooling, and other advanced energy systems  • Perform trending analyses of HVAC and other equipment. • Participate in demand response and peak demand control/limiting programs A host of other equipment and opportunities exists to enhance such actions. • Low-cost magloggers attach to motors, relays, etc., and log their on-off cycling by measuring changes to their magnetic fields as they run.

Read This » Snow and Ice: Taking the Sting Out of Winter’s Worst

Face it: Snow is a pain.

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