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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/23/2020 - 8/29/2020

5 Steps Buildings Should Take to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Fear and anxiety is high among employees waiting for answers from their place of business.

Read This » Strategies and Tactics for Effective Hardscape Management

Hardscape management is a critical aspect of successful landscape management around institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Chemical Considerations for Successful Drain Cleaning

There are four basic types of chemical drain cleaners: acid, caustic, oxidizing and enzymatic.

Read This » 5 Areas of UPS Failure to Look Out For

UPS systems offer energy storage (almost using always batteries) to bridge the short-term power loss between utility power failure and backup generator operation.

Read This » How to Ensure an Accurate Test Report After Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

After completing the annual test, the technicians must report any impaired devices to the building owner or manager.

Read This » What Should You Do if There's a Positive Coronavirus Case in Your Facility?

The one eventuality for which communication is most crucial is if an employee at your facility tests positive for COVID-19.

Read This » FM Perspective: Bringing Your "A" Game to Customer Service

A facility manager’s job is to keep things running smoothly behind the curtain, so the show on the main floor can go on without interruption.

Read This » Go Beyond the Basics for Restrooms Products and Processes

Managers planning for reopening buildings and returning occupants must go beyond just the products and processes related to plumbing and restrooms.

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