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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/25/2019 - 8/31/2019

Construction Success: Proper Planning, Good Communication, Right People

The last thing any building owner wants is to get hit with a cost that isn’t in the budget.

Read This » How Façade Inspection Leads to Damage Repair

A few years ago, a façade inspection was performed on a 12-story apartment building that was built in 1983 and was clad with an exterior insulating and finishing system (EIFS) building façade.

Read This » Mowers: Understanding Options

Armed with an understanding of department mowing needs, the next step for managers is to be sure they are well-versed in the different types of mowers and their features, functions and capabilities.

Read This » Lift Advances Target Access, Productivity

Upgrades to today’s telescopic and articulated boom lifts include: boom lifts with an upper segment that telescopes for greater lift positioning accuracy; rough-terrain tires for operating on rough, soft, or uneven ground; the capability to operate on 45 percent grade for a wider range of construction applications; lighter weights for greater fuel efficiency and lower transportation costs; the ability to set up, operate, and move with the operator in the platform, which saves time; and better design reliability for less maintenance downtime.

Read This » 3 Security Technologies Making Waves in Facilities Management

In no area of facility management does technology advance more rapidly than in security.

Read This » Understanding Environment of Care and Life Safety in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The environment of care (EC) has been developed as a category requirement by the accrediting organizations, including the Joint Commission and AAAHC.

Read This » Requirements for a Façade Inspection

What is involved with a façade inspection? The short answer is that it depends.

Read This » Drain-Cleaning Tools: Maintenance Considerations

Successful managers know the largest contribution they can make to technician productivity, facility condition, and maintenance efficiency is to make sure technicians have access to up-to-date equipment that is clean, lubricated, sharpened, and in good working condition.

Read This » 3 Steps to Software Buy-In

In the stakeholder-engagement phase of the software rollout strategy, managers can begin to expose the new facility management technology to the organization’s leaders.

Read This » Overcoming the Tension Between Data Centers FMs and IT

Cindy Joos acknowledges the historic tension between IT and facility management.

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