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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/26/2018 - 9/1/2018

How To Preserve Historic Landmarks: Steps 3-6


Read This » Tips for Evaluating Colocation Data Center Providers

Facility managers working for enterprises that are considering a move to a colocation data center can play a key role in evaluating a major point of differentiation among colocation providers: sustainability measures like energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Read This » Run The Building Like a Business: Steps 7-10 for Preserving Historic Landmarks


Read This » The Facility Manager's Role in Colocation, Cloud, and Edge

Facility Managers and the Colo Environment Ultimately, if the decision is made to move to a colo, what role does the facility manager have without an on-premise data center? At first glance, one might think there might not be a role for this position, since there isn’t an on-site physical space to manage.

Read This » Chillers: Executing the Replacement

Executing the project The steps to this point have created a detailed plan for executing the project, known as the method of procedure (MOP).

Read This » Snow and Ice: Determining The Scope of Work

Often confused with areas discussed in LOS, the snow industry defines scope of work (SOW) as the service criteria — snow clearing, ice management, etc.

Read This » Electric Tariffs Expand Metering Opportunities

Electric rates are determined through regulatory proceedings and are defined in “tariffs”, i.e., contractual documents available from utilities or regulatory commissions.

Read This » A Guide To Understanding Energy-Saving Water Heater Options

In the never-ending quest for effective reductions in energy use, facility managers often tread lightly when it comes to innovations in domestic hot water generation and distribution.

Read This » Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Face Plumbing Upgrade Challenges and Learn from Lessons

The plumbing upgrades and related projects to curtail water use by the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had the potential to create a host of challenges for managers, given the size of the facilities in question — 6.25 million square feet — and the amount of activity that takes place within the facilities. One strategy planners used to ensure a successful project was to schedule work at the most opportune times.

Read This » How to Properly Apply Paints and Coatings

While product specification and substrate preparation are two key elements of successful painting projects, they are not the final element.

Read This » 4 Strategies for Balancing Facility Outsourcing Quality and Cost

While cost savings is a universal outsourcing goal, the point that it is not the only goal is supported by the KPMG research.

Read This » What's Next in Mass Notification Systems?

The goal of every mass notification system is consistent and clear: In the event of an emergency, everyone under threat emerges from it safe and sound.  Setting such a profound goal is easier than achieving it.

Read This » Chillers: Specifying Equipment

Using the information from the assessment and logistics investigation, managers next need to determine the type of chiller required.

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