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Facilities Management articles for the week of 8/27/2023 - 9/2/2023

Creating A Social and Productive Workplace

or its new Minneapolis office, global technology company Sovos sought a workspace that would foster collaboration and connection among team members, while offering flexible solutions to accommodate individual and team work preferences as well as company expansion over time.   Designed by NELSON Worldwide, the space reflects the company’s core values and commitment to employee fulfillment.

Read This » What a Four-Day Workweek Means for Facility Managers

rom the United Kingdom to New Zealand, countries across the globe are experimenting with the four-day workweek — and finding success.   In a previous article, I discussed the pros and cons these companies have found by reducing the work week to only four days.

Read This » How to Reduce Waste on Construction Projects

hether a project is a ground-up brand-new building or just a couple-weeks renovation project of a particular part of the office, focusing on reducing waste and increasing recycling during the construction process is taking on increasing importance.

Read This » 7 Practical Strategies for Onsite Solar Installation

s more companies execute climate-focused goals to limit greenhouse emissions, reduce their carbon-footprint, and lower energy costs, the use of solar power for commercial buildings is increasing.

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