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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/12/2021 - 9/18/2021

Addressing Ventilation, Filtration, and Water System Concerns

The design of the ventilation and air distribution systems is critical to minimizing the spread of infectious diseases as buildings continue to reopen.

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Maintenance and engineering management consists of many moving parts.

Read This » Sustainability Must Start with Energy Management

In recent years, many companies have worked to cut costs and reduce their environmental footprints.

Read This » Affordable Resilience With Propane Generators

Power outages can happen at any time and have the potential to cost businesses as much as $150 billion per year, according to data from the U.S.

Read This » How Chicago Public Schools Responded to COVID-19

March 6, 2020, is a day that Clarence Carson will never forget.

Read This » Why Commercial Building Owners Should Consider Indexed Escalation

Commercial real estate leases commonly include fixed annual rental rate increases, both on short-term and long-term agreements.

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