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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/13/2020 - 9/19/2020

Size, Materials Play Crucial Roles in Plastic Pipe Selection

A basic consideration in selecting plastic pipe is the size of the pipe.

Read This » Automatic, Touchless Doors Can Help Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

The ideal approach to limiting the transmission of the coronavirus and other viruses at building entrances is to make the operation of the doors completely hands-free.

Read This » Spotlight on Elastomeric Coatings: What You Need to Know

No matter the type of roof, managers need to understand the materials and performance characteristics of roof coatings to effectively match them to the in-place roof system. Typical SPF elastomeric coatings are urethane, acrylics or silicones.

Read This » Sustainability, Sanitation, ADA: Critical Considerations for Restroom Design

When it comes to sustainability, commercial restrooms have been somewhat ahead of the curve, largely driven by tighter local and federal codes but also as a cost-savings method for operators and developers.

Read This » Steering Houston School District Through COVID, Hurricanes

By the time Jolivette came to lead the facilities department, she had an intimate knowledge of the interconnected processes and workflows which made the business operations side of HISD work.

Read This » Tangible Steps for a More Diverse Facility Management Department

Given the obvious need for changes in many organizations, what tangible actions can facility managers take to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in their departments? Ashley Stahl, a career coach who was a national security expert for the Pentagon, offers a series of recommendations managers can implement related to education, hiring and recruitment, culture, and promotions in her article, “10 Steps Businesses Can Take To Improve Diversity And Inclusion In The Workforce.” With respect to education, Stahl says managers can acknowledge the lack of diversity in the first place, she says: “Turn to the facts, share statistics of your organization’s diversity within roles, teams and hierarchy.

Read This » What Is CMMS's Role in Commissioning and Beyond?

One of the most difficult tasks of setting up the CMMS is inputting all of the appropriate data.

Read This » Coronavirus Has Made Touchless Restrooms a Must

As more commercial and institutional spaces begin to reopen around the country, health experts have repeatedly warned of the potential dangers of sharing close quarters with others, which has encouraged renewed questions regarding the safety of public restrooms.

Read This » 4 Ways to Wreck Your Boiler

A number of conditions can result in sudden, unexpected failure of a boiler pressure vessel, often requiring a complete demolition and replacement of the boiler.  These conditions are avoidable when preventative procedures and systems are put in place and followed rigorously.

Read This » Utility Vehicles: Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Costs

One of the biggest challenges facing grounds departments is meeting evolving transportation needs.

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