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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/16/2018 - 9/22/2018

How To Fight Air Stratification in Conditioned Facilities

Among the more difficult buildings to properly heat and cool are those with high ceilings.

Read This » How Sustainable Buildings Aid Experiential Learning in Schools

While it’s the big-splash projects, like the net-zero energy Discovery Elementary School that get the headlines, Chadwick says he’s working hard to embed sustainability into the culture of the entire school district.

Read This » Mowers: New Generation of Performance and Innovation

With all the recent technological advances in commercial landscaping equipment, it makes sense that mowers would be a focal point for long-overdue improvements.

Read This » Specifying Rental Equipment Effectively

Power supplies for temporary outages can meet a range of applications, from small gasoline-powered generators to natural gas-, diesel-, propane-, or dual-fuel generators up to 2 megawatts (MW) and greater single-generator capacities.

Read This » 3 Best Practices for Justifying Energy Efficiency


Read This » Smart Energy Analytics Campaign Uncovers Energy-Saving Opportunities

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is a research and industry partnership to support the use of EMIS technologies and MBCx practices to help uncover energy-saving opportunities and improve building performance for the long run. As participants in the campaign, facility managers, energy managers, and operators of commercial buildings across the country collaborate with utilities, product manufacturers, and service providers in a members-only network of peer-to-peer exchange, with access to experts who can tailor technical support to meet the needs of their buildings.

Read This » Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) Aid Efficiency

Buildings are full of hidden energy savings potential that can be uncovered with the right analysis.

Read This » Better R-Value, Thermal Performance Highlight Window Advances

3. Looks like a window, works like a wall.

Read This » Identifying Plumbing Upgrade Goals

Plumbing system upgrades remain popular options for maintenance and engineering managers.

Read This » The Brave New World of Cybersecurity: Evaluating Vulnerabilities

In considering a facility's vulnerabilities, it is helpful to try to see through the mind’s eye of an aggressor.

Read This » LEDs: Benefits of an Upgrade

The LED upgrade projects at the Herbert C.

Read This » Hold the Salt? Sustainable Snow Removal Strategies Heat Up

As another winter approaches, snow and ice removal likely will be top of mind.

Read This » 3 Concerns About Data Analytics

Data analytics are value drivers for efficient and cost-effective use of workspace and personnel on a daily basis.

Read This » Outages and Shutdowns: Tips for Success

What steps should managers take to ensure a successful outage or shutdown? Try these 11. Develop a wish list.

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