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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/18/2022 - 9/24/2022

Using the Landscape to Teach About Water Usage

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California’s Albert Robles Recycling and Environmental Learning (ARC, formerly the Ground Water Reliability Improvement Project) is a 5.2 acre advanced water treatment facility campus.

Read This » How to Know When to Recover Vs Replace Your Roof

anagers can choose from among many formulas to calculate the most appropriate decision at any stage in the life of a roof, but the decision also requires some judgement.

Read This » Technology is the Future of Mower Design

hen manufacturers speak with grounds managers, they find "the rising cost of fuel as a concern,” says Brad Unruh, director of new product development with Hustler Turf.

Read This » Beyond Efficiency: Understanding the Occupant-Focused Benefits of Daylighting

hile daylighting has the power to reduce a building’s energy cost, its role in the conservation of energy has been diminished.

Read This » 3 Strategies for Water-Efficient Restrooms

s climate change churns on beyond even worst-case-scenario predictions, drought continues to be pervasive in the U.S.

Read This » How to Know When Windows Should Be Replaced

n average, how often should windows be replaced in a facility and what are some tell-tale signs that windows need to be replaced?   Bailey says that the life span of windows will generally vary based on the conditions in which the windows are exposed to, and the level of detail provided to help protect from the failure of those windows.

Read This » Next Stage: Electric, Autonomous Machines on Horizon

acility managers are confronting the electrification of equipment of all types, from water pumps and power tools to trucks and utility vehicles and blowers and trimmers.    The next surge of electrification is in snow and ice management.

Read This » DOAS Adds Modern Touch to Classic Office Tower Renovation

n early 2022, two of New York City’s top real estate development firms, WatermanCLARK and Brookfield Properties, announced plans to pursue a $100 million redevelopment and reimagination of Lever House, an iconic 1950s office tower located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on Park Avenue.   The extensive renovations aim to create a like-new boutique office tower designed for the 21st century with advanced infrastructure, building systems and amenities, all while maintaining and celebrating the landmarked building’s mid-century architectural heritage and design.

Read This » Staff, Students Rely on Facilities Managers for Building Safety

his is part two of a two-part series.

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