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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/22/2019 - 9/28/2019

A New Deal For Buildings

An initiative founded by Cimetrics Inc., New Deal for Buildings is redefining how buildings are built, managed, and maintained in the 21st century. New Deal’s focus is to encourage discussions and information-sharing between the building automation systems (BAS) industry and commercial building professionals. “We believe that both vendors and owners currently are prevented from maximizing a building’s full value, mostly because they see themselves as in two different business camps,” explains Anto Budiardjo, editor of New Deal for Buildings. New Deal for Buildings hopes to improve the relationship between building owners and BAS vendors to one that is more open, transparent, and partnership-based. The building blocks that New Deal is using to construct a new approach to implementing information technology in buildings include BACnet open systems, model-based analytics, and service transparency, according to Budiardjo.  New Deal’s blog (www.newdeal.blog) encourages this open dialog between key thought leaders involved with building systems.

Read This » Roof Inspections: Establishing a Plan

The key for all successful roof inspection programs is to be proactive.

Read This » Access Control: A New Generation for Security

Selecting the most appropriate access control system requires that managers be up to date on the latest generation of door access systems.

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Networked lighting control systems are designed for data communication.

Read This » How to Perform a Roof Condition Index Assessment

The first step in correcting problems and determining the correct course of action is to evaluate every component and determine the current condition of your existing roofing system.

Read This » K-12 Upgrades: Assessing HVAC Needs, Setting Priorities

K-12 upgrade projects often focus on the core mechanical systems.

Read This » Lean Management To Enhance Maintenance Quality

The end game of lean is to eliminate waste and maximize quality.

Read This » Preventive Maintenance Is Key to Minimizing Roof Damage and Leaks

Premature roof failure is almost always caused by neglecting preventive maintenance.

Read This » Boiler Controls: Keep Safety Top of Mind

Many functions will always be integral to a boiler to manage the critical operations required to safely convert a fuel source into heat and then move that energy to a point of use.

Read This » How to Help Patients Find Their Way in Healthcare Facilities

This design discipline has been around for decades, but it has only recently been taken up in a more comprehensive and considered way, to advance their impact on the patient experience and consumer journey.

Read This » What Is The Building Owner's Role in Cybersecurity?

Building owners have a critical role in achieving cybersecurity.

Read This » 3 Steps to Improved Security

Increasing risks to buildings, their contents and the people who work in them or visit are prompting maintenance and engineering managers to re-examine their facilities’ security systems in general and their access control systems in particular.

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