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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/23/2018 - 9/29/2018

Continuing the Energy Efficiency Conversation

Emerging approaches are finally breaking down the widespread language barrier that has held back progress in commercial portfolio energy optimization.

Read This » Choosing the Right EMIS Option

A wide variety of EMIS products are commercially available, and they are increasingly marketed to the energy management community.

Read This » Snow and Ice: Achieving the Desired Results

More than 100,000 fires occur in non-residential buildings every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), costing organizations billions of dollars in damages.

Read This » Drain Cleaning: Maintaining the Tools of the Trade

Freely flowing drains, pipes and plumbing systems are essential to the smooth operation of institutional and commercial facilities.

Read This » Historic Preservation Success Story: Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House

The Martin House Restoration Corporation’s board of directors was interested in a review of the current facility management program for their six-structure historic landmark, designed by world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1903-05) for Buffalo industrial magnate Darwin D.

Read This » 10 Best Practices To Preserve Historic Landmarks

There are thousands of historically registered buildings and national landmarks throughout the United States.

Read This » Boilers: Effective Operator Training

Managers also need to address the human element in ensuring energy-efficient and reliable boiler operation.

Read This » Plumbing Upgrades: Addressing Water-Use Issues

Managers looking to purchase products that address water-use issues have several strategies to consider that will help them stay abreast of important technology advances related to plumbing products designed to meet their organizations’ need to minimize water use and improve life-cycle costs.

Read This » Electrochromic Glass, Smart Controls Bring Windows Into the Future


Read This » Heated Piping, Snow Mats Offer Non-Chemical Options for Snow Removal

Another option for keeping snow and ice from accumulating, without relying on chemical de-icers, is to install heating elements below walkways, parking lots and other areas.

Read This » Workplace Analytics: How To Mine Big Data To Add Organizational Value

These are complex times for corporate real estate and facility management professionals.

Read This » How To Do HVAC Commissioning in Healthcare Facilities

Nothing will make people unhappier, quicker, than being too hot or too cold.

Read This » Roofing: Selecting a Qualified and Reliable Contractor

One essential step in planning a successful roof recover or replacement a roof is finding a good partner — a qualified, reliable contractor. Selecting a roofing contractor is based heavily on the bids that are submitted, and the most important factor — often the only factor considered — is the cost.

Read This » High Ceilings? Large Door Openings? Fans May Improve Comfort, Save Energy

Fans can reduce thermal stratification in practically all facilities that have high ceilings.

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