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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/29/2019 - 10/5/2019

Is Solar PV a Good Investment for Your Building?

On-site solar PV systems can be a great investment for commercial buildings of any size, based on economics, visibility, and employee attraction and retention.

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Read This » Sustainable Deicer Strategies for Snow and Ice Management

Preventing snow and ice from bonding to a paved surface is much more efficient than trying to manage precipitation after it has begun to bond to a surface.

Read This » Net-Metering Provides Huge Financial Benefit for Solar

Over the past decade and more, rebates and incentives have largely been focused on coaxing more solar power onto the electrical grid.

Read This » Sustainability Is a Growing Factor in Snow and Ice Melt Choices

Calling commercial ice and snow removal a slippery slope might be the ultimate dad joke, but in reality, the issue is no laughing matter. Sustainable measures for removing snow and ice have become increasingly important.

Read This » Equipment Training for Snow and Ice Management

If the process of inspecting winter equipment reveals major problems with a piece of equipment, managers can have some important decisions to make and actions to take to ensure crews have the equipment they need and that it performs as intended: Place orders early.

Read This » Two Trends Are Boosting Sustainability in Buildings

For the past 25 years, a focus on sustainability has slowly but steadily reshaped the way commercial and institutional buildings are designed and operated.

Read This » Water Watch: Identifying HVAC Culprits

While most of the attention in water-conservation and leak-detection programs goes to reducing the amount of domestic water a facility uses, mechanical systems often offer the highest rate of return for retrofit programs.

Read This » Common Substrates for Paints and Coatings

Painters dealing with an array of substrates throughout facilities should approach application projects with a combination of preparation, application and cleanup in order to produce a quality, lasting job.

Read This » How to Select Plastic Piping

Before settling on a specific material, make certain that you understand the particulars of the application.

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