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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/30/2018 - 10/6/2018

Occupant Health and Wellness Takes Center Stage in Sustainable Design

Traditionally, sustainability has been measured in terms of metrics like energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Read This » Mowers: Buying vs. Leasing

Depending on individual requirements, managers need to consider several factors involved with value, including performance, durability, efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Read This » Plumbing Upgrades: Focus on Health and Hygiene

Plumbing system upgrades that seek to improve restroom hygiene require managers to first matching any particular facility’s restroom hygiene challenges with the appropriate products.

Read This » Water Scarcity Makes the Case for Water Efficiency

Clean and cheap potable water on demand is the expectation pretty much anywhere in the United States, and in much of the developed world.

Read This » The Value of Daylighting, Even With LEDs

Daylighting’s positive effects on building performance and human health are well known.

Read This » Rental Equipment: Planning for Successful Installation

Whether the job occurs during a routine scheduled shutdown or after an emergency, managers can plan much of the work.

Read This » Fire Protection: Understanding and Scheduling ITM

After the completion of any ITM, it is vital that managers review all testing documentation completed by staff or a contractor.

Read This » Facilities on the Front Lines: Buildings Tackle Climate Change

In July 2018, Death Valley, Calif., set a heat record impressive even by Death Valley standards.

Read This » Building Internet of Things Makes Greener, Smarter Buildings

The Building Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly established itself as an essential feature of any smart, green building.

Read This » Colocation Data Centers See Surge in Demand

Colocation data centers have been an option for more than two decades.

Read This » What are the Bottom-Line Benefits from Climate Action?

With retreat at the federal level, the role of facility managers in tackling the challenge of climate change has never been greater, as Greg Zimmerman’s cover story makes clear.

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