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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/3/2023 - 9/9/2023

How to Improve the Restroom Experience

he restroom makes a lasting impression.

Read This » Clemson University's December Freeze: Emergency Response Success

his was not supposed to happen in South Carolina, even if it was December.

Read This » Robots Making Impact in Snow & Ice Management Preparation

obotic equipment can mow lawns, vacuum floors and provide security at institutional and commercial facilities, but do not expect to see an army of robots pushing snow and treating sidewalks at facilities’ sidewalks this winter.   While mowing robots are growing in popularity, the trend has yet to take hold in commercial snow operations.

Read This » Enhancing Houston's Emergency Preparedness Plans

atural always bats last.  The adage might seem whimsical, but for facility managers and contractors who develop and implement emergency preparedness and response plans designed to protect commercial and institutional facilities, it describes the critical and often unpredictable nature of these duties.  For planners with the city of Houston, one type of unpredictability to contend with is the weather, which can include hurricanes, flooding, oppressive heat and even freezing temperatures.

Read This » The Importance of Scheduled Boiler Inspections 

well-maintained boiler can pay facility owners large dividends over the typical life of a boiler ranging from 20 to 30 years — even longer with a sound preventative maintenance program in place.    The need for proper care and preventive maintenance of a boiler or multiple boiler system cannot be overstated.

Read This » Workplace Safety: A Secret to Successful Hiring?

ell me if you see what I see in the annual list of top 10 OSHA violations — www.osha.gov/top10citedstandards: fall protection, hazard communications, ladders, respiratory protection, scaffolding, lockout/tagout, powered industrial trucks, fall protection training, eye and face protection and machine guarding.  Yes, it’s a list of tangible, potentially fatal risks facing front-line technicians in facilities every day.

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