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Facilities Management articles for the week of 9/9/2018 - 9/15/2018

New Technology Accommodates Changing Workplace Needs

Commercial real estate has been managed more or less the same way for decades: An office building is constructed; a tenant/user occupies it; the occupant moves if more or less space is required or the lease has expired.

Read This » Case Study: Real-World High-Tech Workplace

PTC, a global provider of technology that transforms how companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things in a smart connected world, is re-locating its global headquarters to a new 250,000-square-foot workplace in Boston’s Seaport District.

Read This » Roofing: Recovery vs. Replacement

Managing roofing systems is one of the most complex tasks facing maintenance and engineering managers.

Read This » Identifying Rental Options and Finding Solutions

From planned shutdowns and unplanned outages to heat waves and cold snaps, institutional and commercial facilities must have the options on hand to address a host of unexpected or out-of-the ordinary events.

Read This » How To Evaluate Facility Security Vulnerabilities

Just as every facility is unique, so are its security vulnerabilities.

Read This » Alternative Strategies, Chemicals May Eliminate Rock Salt in Snow Removal

Another way to cut the amount of salt used is by spreading salt brine before the storm hits, rather than waiting until the snow is on the ground and trying to melt it with rock salt, Gilleland says.

Read This » 6 Next-Level Windows Technologies

Windows are a building's eyes on the world.

Read This » Building Envelope Commissioning: What Could Go Wrong?

The building envelope seems so simple.

Read This » Boilers: Maximizing Performance

Boilers are essential components of many institutional and commercial facilities, which rely on boilers’ energy-efficient and reliable operation to keep occupants comfortable when colder weather arrives. Boiler-replacement projects tend to be few and far between, so until that time comes, maintenance and engineering managers, with input from front-line technicians, need to make every effort to maximize energy efficiency and reliability by establishing a comprehensive monitoring and maintenance program for boilers. Taking the pulse The first step in improving boiler performance often is a walk-through audit.

Read This » Outages and Shutdowns: 11 Steps to Survival

All of us in our daily work responsibilities have some exposure to facility outages or shutdowns.

Read This » Staving Off Obsolescence with Sustainability

The goal of getting buildings right both now and for the future is one of the hardest parts of any facility manager’s job.

Read This » Understanding the Benefits of Workplace Analytics

The advantage of a sophisticated analytical platform is its presentation of several approaches to collecting and analyzing data.

Read This » From UPS to Fire Safety, Data Center Surprises Can Be Costly

Even the most experienced and thorough facility managers can get caught off-guard from time to time.

Read This » Facility Managers Play Crucial Role in Healthcare Commissioning

Building commissioning (BCx) is a structured, quality assurance process intended to ensure that a completed building meets the owner’s requirements.

Read This » How To Implement Monitoring-Based Commissioning

EMIS are powerful tools, and any tool needs a process to achieve the strongest impact.

Read This » LEDs: One Small Step to Big Savings

How do you eat an elephant, asks the old joke.

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